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"...if you latch on and TRUST, this guy will never let you down..."  Tommy Pierce USMC Vet & President Delter Corp

Why Global Marketing Empire Solutions & partners


Our services


Account Management 

The most difficult challenge to any business is the identification and acquisition of new customers. With Global Marketing Empire Solutions, your struggle is our niche. We build relationships, loyalty and customer retention with B to C & B to B consumers.

Leadership Training 

At Global Marketing Empire Solutions, our biggest investment is into the future leaders of the marketing and sales industry. Leadership development allows for qualified team members to move into branch management positions and offers our clients continued expansion options. We promote organically.

Sales & Marketing Consulting 

Opposed to mass marketing methods, Global Marketing Empire Solutions focuses on a patented algorithmic system combined with an entirely customized and personalized approach. Identifying the proper space and Representing your brand the RIGHT way, with character and integrity is our highest priority. 

Direct Marketing & Campaign Development

The BIG question related to any outsourcing process, is knowing who will represent your brand. At Global Marketing Empire Solutions, our professional trained team specializes in direct marketing campaigns with 100% guaranteed ROI. Our eighteen month training process insures consistency throughout the company.

Lab & Technical Service Resources

With over 30 years of technical service, sales, marketing and distribution experience, GMES and it's partner companies can deliver your company the navigation process to new product targeting, evaluation, development testing and market penetration.  

Market survey and Product efficacy services

Offering regional and global market evaluations, such as barrier to entry, product pricing, and competitive landscape. 


We provide solutions


 " A person who sees a problem is a human being; a person who finds a solution, no matter the challenges, naysayers, harassment, and attacks.. is visionary; and the person who goes out against ALL ODDS and does something about it is an entrepreneur. "  Ignore the NOISE of the few to help the many ...

A privately owned consulting firm, GMES is a powerful force in the marketing, branding, message delivery and sales industry.  We specialize in outsourced marketing, face to face sales and new customer acquisitions for Fortune 100 and 500 clients and consider ourselves highly fortunate to represent a portfolio of names such as AT&T, DirectTV, VIVINT, Reliant Energy, GE Solar, ROKU, Lowes, White Rhino Financial, USHA Insurance, Samsung, and many more.

Within the structure of our revenue generating divisions and philanthropic division, GMES is uniquely position and internally integrated to offer our customers a customized approach, serviced within a “TURN-KEY” process. Our GLOBAL reach, and exposure to various market spaces, and a diversity of industries, challenges our team to seek solutions beyond the conventional wisdom and practice.


We can offer solutions with cover the full spectrum of your business needs, from Accounting to Health care to Logistics and more. We work with the #1 or #2 company in their respective space.


Outsourcing is a rapidly growing trend within the 21st century and by definition happens when a company hires an external team to improve efficiency, cut costs, or improve the overall quality of work. Marketing Empire Solutions has been outsourced purely for dominating our niche of face to face, relationship-based marketing and sales.  We are able to DELIVER our clients increased name-brand recognition and high levels of customer loyalty.

Driven by our Chairman, PJ Abbott; here at GMES, we believe that quality business depends upon employing a team of varying backgrounds, resources, and skills. Our philosophy of 100% internal, merit-based, organic promotions guarantee team members the growth potential to accomplish all personal and professional goals. Our unique process development process insures that our clients are represented by the finest talent. We equip our exceptional team with all of the information and tools necessary to become YOUR expert in the marketing and sales field. 


Closing the deal: Our Snapshot


Direct Marketing Division: Offers robust tactical platform development, target market analysis, barrier to entry evaluations, summary of success, and resource allocation to execute a strong strategic plan for our clients.


Motorsports Division: Offers a variety of services involved with active race teams, sponsorship, PSA development, messaging, and demographic penetration into targeted market spaces. This division also hosts the performance and technology development team, which continue to push the limits and reside at the edge of leading, groundbreaking, game changing technology development.

Media / Production Division: Offers the very best in any clients needs for film or non film, ranging from simple commercial content development to social media management. This award winning division is most noted for its unique approaches to messaging support. Our social media marketing playbook titled : “ Global reach around the World” has been tagged as the standard for companies using technology marketing platforms.


Training and Development: This division includes some of the world's most talented and respected trainers, authors and business strategists, available for our own internal associate development as well as external engagement at every level of your company needs.


Campaign and Messaging: Offers you the opportunity to accurately create and deliver your message in the proper manner to the RIGHT target market. This team works in multiple area to include merger & acquisitions, new product development, new product launches, and disaster message management.

Charities and Philanthropic Division: Our most valued division, offers the opportunity for every division leader and every team to participate in supporting the coordination of GMES, our technologies, our partners and our clients to support valued and highly regarded charitable organizations & associations 

Why GMES: take 3:12 to understand-You were born an Original

Dedication, commitment, appreciation, determination, perseverance, and LOVE. Not only LOVE for our mission, but for each of YOU!!! We have a name, a  song and a dream, and we can not wait to hear each and every one of  yours. This is my dedication to you...take 3:12 to sit in calm and allow  this to soak in and "..if you're going my way, I'll go there  too....Rollin down the highway so life won't pass me bye...'' join  us.... PJ