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OUR team of experts world wide can meet your need and time schedule with the GMES pre-scheduled conference process. We can arrange phone, skype, video or within our new state of the art "war room" multi-screen virtual conferencing process. 

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On site & Lab support

The Reservation process

On site & Lab support

Our teams can also make arrangements for on-site evaluations and consultation.

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The Reservation process

The Reservation process

The Reservation process

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From 1999-2017, that figure has exceeded 12%.

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Tips on how to build a usA business in "advanced tech"

This year I had an incredible opportunity to travel to our nation's capitol as an ambassador to the industry. We were able to participate in group sessions, learn about the industry, identify direction, present vision and meet individually with key members of government agencies.

A wonderful trip to meet with law makers,  and key influencers regarding nano and 2D technology. My  impromptu spur of the moment interview with Versarien CEO Neill Ricketts in the US Senate media/press area. The goal of this project was USA exposure and penetration. The results far exceeded the expectation. 

Recent consultation & research topics


Chelation of micronutrients

A chelate is also called a “complex” in  other areas of chemistry but this term is not usually used in the  fertilizer industry. Chelates are useful for micronutrients applied to alkaline soils. Iron, manganese, zinc and copper react with the ions found at high pH to form insoluble substances. 

 Microbiome and Micronutrients 

Fetal Microbiome duplication:   understanding the microbiome—human, animal, and environmental—is as important as the human genome.  Nanotechnology as a delivery system. 

Microbiome Quality Control Project: and shift to commercialization.

Biological sensor systems in Law Enforcement

New TrakPoint personal protection wear which incorporates: 

  • arrays of homogeneous sensors
  • ommatidia process magnification
  • combined high sensor correlation
  • reduced computational complexity

The compound eyes of arthropods like insects, crustaceans and millipedes are composed of units called ommatidia (singular: ommatidium). An ommatidium contains a cluster of photoreceptor cells surrounded by support cells and pigment cells.  Quantum Dot (QDot) level Nanotechnology can facilitate the transfer of data and offer the receptor sensitivity required for a sensor response based program.

Biological and environmental sensor systems for law enforcement canines.

Graphene and CNT enforcement of ballistic panels.

Graphene industry transition from academia to commercialization:

Chemicals and Generic Pharma.

Cell based nano particle bonding.

Biological Sensor Systems for Water Quality monitoring.

Use of nano tubes for urgent heart treatment: 


Thermal stabilization of polyolifin cables

Polymer producers and manufacturers of downstream products are interested in new developments in stabilization technology that may help to maintain or improve the physical and aesthetic properties of their new products. 

Lithium Ion Tech: Cradle to Grave

A discussion covering the issues related to global mining, transition, logistics, development, improvement and disposal.

LED advanced military grade lighting

The development and launch of a completely new and patented lighting technology, developed for military use. 

2D & Nano Tech development focused on the use of Graphene and like materials for a diversity of applications.

Graphene batteries: 

Anti-friction, wear and thermal management studies.

FDA regulatory process and historical perspective

The updated regulation relative to the use of certain color additives, pigments, dyes and unique chemistry relative to REACH and global regulatory registration.

NEW Confectionery Drinks

The evaluation of an international confectionery chocolate drink seeking representation in the USA.

EVALUATION of Organic Pigment technology for DF contact

Food coloring FD&C Red #3, #40 (3), FD&C Yellow #5, KAMA, SYNOX and others. 

LDH/Hydrotalcite & Zeolite Synthesis Technology 

Epoxy & Formaldehyde Resins 

Food Ingredient Manufacturing  (Impossible food additive for meat FDA): 

Phosgene and Specialty Chemicals 

Thermoplastic Elastomers

EV -Electric Vehicle engineering, panels, batteries, frame, motor components, use of nano technology for light-weighting, strengthening and extended energy storage:  

Transition to Ford following EVU project:

 What is a GnP: 

 Additional developments: 

Biology and Artificial Intelligence: 

3D Bio-Printing:

Regenerative medicine: 

 " A person who sees a problem is a human being; a person who finds a solution, no matter the challenges, naysayers, harassment, and attacks.. is visionary; and the person who goes out against ALL ODDS and does something about it is an entrepreneur. "  Ignore the NOISE of the few to help the many ...