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In the  constantly changing world of single & multi-dimensional material, there is no "one size fits all" option, nor a single source company to offer the full platform or product characterization.

With over 30 years of specialty chemicals technical, sales, marketing and distribution experience, 2D Global can help your company navigate the over-whelming process for project assessment, product evaluation, testing, maximization, scale, cost, performance and reliable supply.  

Spectators say this is "disruptive " we say "Transitional."

Our goal is to positively affect the world.

"Saving the world , one ATOM at a time..."


We must be scientifically literate

Captain Sully Sullenberger recently delivered one of the best speeches I have had the privilege of viewing. 

In this short thirty seconds, he accurately identifies a critical shortcoming in today's society.

We salute and credit Captain Sullenberger for his identification of the need for fact and independent critical thought. 

Our society must become scientifically literate to survive. 

What is Graphene?

'World's First' : Made From Graphene, Dubbed Planet's Strongest Material- Forbes June 20, 2018

Graphene is an ultrathin carbonic particle made through proprietary manufacturing processes. 


If you are seeking performance enhancements, light-weighting, or an array of additional targets, Graphene, often referred to as the "wonder material" may be an option. Our company is a pioneer & market leader in the design & qualification of graphene. We evaluate, test, distribute, market and sell.

Chemical and biomolecular engineering

The resources which now support the growing world of chemical and biomolecular engineering are no longer just for the gas, oil and petrochemical industry. 

As technical teams are faced with smaller budgets and an increased demand for progress and development, 2D Global can assist you in understanding the current materials portfolios, match the correct materials for your project, offer resources in evaluation and performance data, and manage the appropriate marketing & sales connections for supply.

Life saving-world changing

How can nano technology and the use of 2D materials change the course of life and offer us options we can execute for good? Watch and see.   This project and others like it, are designed with a focus towards traumatic treatment in the battlefield. Soldiers that may experience a sudden and traumatic injury would be immediately injected with  a combination of single and multi-dimensional nano materials that would begin to  heal the wound, break or otherwise, within minutes and days versus months or years. 

3D printed skin with added vascular enhancement

This living skin construct is cultured in vitro and develops into an interconnected microvascular network underneath a layered barrier of skin cells. 

This exciting development may one day provide new, more functional skin grafts for patients. 

The merging of advanced technology and materials allow us to develop platforms never before thought to be possible.  

Graphene and CNT enhanced thermally conductive coating

We have learned how used the thermally conductive properties to create an electrically " resistive " heat coating.  There are limitless opportunities for this technology, including the replacement of high maintenance heat tapes in harsh weather conditions and  use in the Wind Energy industry as acid rain and degradation protection and de-icing, thermal management.  We are working diligently to offer this technology in varied viscosity ratings as well as both solvent and water based technology. 

Graphene sensors can hear your BRain

with HUD/NASA/Smart City Council : rebuilding a future

Homes  & structures are now being printed with 3D tech and the use of 2 dimensional materials.

Practical use in crisis times

In 2009, work with SAP (super absorbent polymers) and certain single and multi-dimensional materials yielded the birth of the Inflatable Barrier Control System (IBCS). 

Some refer to this process as the "sandless sandbag". The ability to offer a less intensive, less manual labor dependent, less resource required, lighter, faster and more protective inter-locking mechanism has the potential to save lives and property. 

Offering  speed and agility, this technology answers the call.  

Registered Sodium Polyacrylate CAS # 9003-04-7

Big picture views


Materials Market

Materials Market

Displays, Conductive Inks, Composites, Coatings, Paints, Thermal, Resistive heating, Energy, Medical, Membranes, 3D Printing, Sencors, Electronics, Automotive, Aerospace, Photonics, Optics, Bio Sciences, Spintronics, Lubricants, Containers, Barrier protection, Batteries, Construction, Textiles, Mining, Defense, Environmental, Agriculture, infrastructure, 

and more. 

Materials Market

Materials Market

Materials Market

Graphene sheets, Flakes, Oxide & reduced oxides, Inks, Fabrics, Quantum Dots, Compounds, Greases, Powder, Platelets, Graphite, Organo-clays, CNTs and 2D materials listed in detail below.

Partnerships & Collaborations

Universities, Suppliers, Labs, Tech Marketing and Clients

All of these applications, which span the scope from automotive waxes and polymer formulations to X-ray machines, from agriculture, and biotech to thermal conductivity, have one thing in common: each can find enhancement from nano & 2D materials. 

I have enjoyed my nearly three decades in this field and the opportunity to reach so many industries and learn so many new technologies through the research and work in nano & 2D material sciences!


Product Examples

Materials Market

Product Examples

Nano Machines, Military, Sporting goods, Fashion, Rubber & Tires, Membranes, Water Filtration, Communications & Audio, Automotive, Gaming, Medical, Sensors, Energy devices,  Aerospace, Smart City, DHS, DOT, HUD, Barrier Control Systems,  Concrete, Asphalt, Rigid & Flexible packaging,  Racing & motorsport, Competitive sailing,  bearings, down hole thermal management, friction resistance, cancer drug delivery systems and more.

Your Exclusive Access


our vision


By Client Request, a single sourced platform to assist clients in navigating the world of 2D materials @ 2DGlobal.com

The speed of innovation is raising the bar for quality and performance. We CONNECT science-based solutions that keep you on the cutting edge. 

Our goal is to help our clients identify the target need, evaluate the potential options and match the correct technology for success.

2D Global has a long standing and deep reaching relationship with one & two dimensional material providers, offering technical resources and solutions for today's growing demand. 

We have limited the information on this site due to the sensitivity of these relationships.

We offer that unique bridge over the gap from academia to commercialization.  Our team can offer the client view from a 360* perspective. With nearly three decades of experience in polymers, additives, solvents, formulation, specialty chemicals, and the latest technology related to nano tech, 2D Global can offer an accurate evaluation of client requirements and solutions to meet those requirements. 

Our strongest asset is not a web site, that can be copied or available for counterfeit, but it is our on site face-to-face impact with your technical, executive and purchasing teams.

Our years of industry knowledge from polymers, pigments, additives and multi-dimensional materials is unmatched, and available to you. 

Our immediate and direct impact can be seen in the home page testimonies from partners, clients and company shareholders.

  I am excited that I have been asked to coordinate the formation of an entity that will pull the resources, product variations, process variations, applications diversity, testing resources and best of all reduced overall cost to the end use client. My presence in the advanced materials industry, client service, established certified lab facilities, and proximity to advanced University 2D, advanced materials & graphene programs, make this a #WIN for the North American market. Learning from the past industry technology missteps of CNTs, silicones and others, dozens of clients have demanded this "Call to Action" in offering the worlds new "Wonder Material", Forbes. In the words of one top three global company: "..this is category changing.." We believe that GRAPHENE and like materials will become the base building blocks of our world.  This is very exciting for the USA and North American market, offering product, scale up, capacity, variety, development, technology, consulting, certification, lower overall costs, and real time delivery options.



we have several positive updates.

Legal has cleared 2D Global for participation and I’m also following up with good news from the Editorial Committee.  Because of your prominent position in the nano-tech field--and the diversity and quality of the companies you work with--the Committee has suggested we consider a half-hour “Nanotech” episode .  A half-hour, it is felt, would be more appropriate to cover the depth and breadth of this amazing frontier—and the significant contributions to quality-of-life that you are making a reality."


     " The 2D Global story proposal was very well received. The creative director agreed that 2D Global’s leadership in the graphene and nano-technology space will make an exciting story that will resonate well with the higher-educated CNBC and international viewing audiences.     Overall, the team felt that the 2D Global story—of leading exploration of the nano-technology frontier of the future with impactful technology that is improving quality of life today—will make a compelling business, technology, and environmental story with national and international interest."

July 17, 2019 email from CNBC creative team regarding a popular new prime-time tech series.


GMES 2D Global temporarily and humbly declined in order to focus on our clients and immediate needs.


Graphene could REVOLUTIONIZE F1:  http://www.grafoid.com/videos/graphene-has-the-potential-to-revolutionize-the-formula-one-racing-industry-and-everything-else/ 


Growth & Demand

Learning from the mistakes of the past. Offering system solutions.


What Clients Need

Offering the client what they require: OPTIONS. The development of nano tech is in its infancy. Answering the questions that have yet to be asked. 

understanding 2 D (Dimensional) Material


The expanding portfolio


2D materials are those that are made up entirely of their surface and are often only a single-atom thick. Not only are these new materials emerging at a relatively quick pace but they can be quite distinct. For example, the material can be highly flexible and porous as well as rigid and strong.


Graphene, a single-atom-thick hexagonal- or honeycomb-arranged sheet of carbon atoms, is considered the thinnest material known and stronger than steel. It is also pliable, transparent, and conductive of both heat and electricity. Commercialization efforts are already underway to make industrial-scale applications, including a conductive transparent electrode.


A one atom-thick layer of silicon, silicene has graphene’s electrical properties and could be used in silicon-based circuits to develop miniaturized electronic devices. Patrick Vogt of Berlin's Technical University, Germany, and Paola De Padova from the Istituto di Struttura della Materia in Italy isolated silicene through a process called simple vapor deposition to grow a one atom-thick silicon layer on a silver crystal surface.

​Silica Glass

David Muller and colleagues at the Kavli Institute at Cornell in New York discovered this thinnest preparation of glass ever made through electron microscopy. The silica glass though 2D is an amorphous structure that is a two-silicon-atom-thick and very stable and rigid, like bulk glass.

Molybdenum Disulfide (MoS2)

Silvery black and part of the family of layered metal chalcogenides, a MoS2 crystal, seen through optical microscopy and photoluminescence, consists of two molecular layers with part of one layer broken away. MoS2, being studied by Tony Heinz, PhD of the Departments of Physics and Electrical Engineering at Columbia University, considers MoS2to be a promising lubricant as it forms into loose layers that readily slide from one another.

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Atomically flat boron, a naturally occurring mineral, is metallic and will transmit electrons with no resistance. Rice University’s Chair of Engineering and Professor of Materials Science and Chemistry, Boris Yakobson, PhD is studying the material and found it to be a natural low-temperature superconductor that loses resistivity only in very cold conditions - between 10 and 20 Kelvin or about minus 430 degrees Fahrenheit.



​A one-atom thick honeycomb layer of germanene atoms is buckled in nature, as seen through scanning tunneling microscopy. An international team of researchers led by Guy Le Lay at France’s Aix-Marseille University is exploring the material with the belief it could have a role in semiconductors.


Adding fluorine atoms to a single layer of tin makes stanene, a natural insulator that is believed to conduct electricity with 100% efficiency because the electricity moves along the outside edges of the material and not through its middle. Shoucheng Zhang, a physics professor at Stanford University’s Institute for Materials and Energy Sciences (SIMES) is a lead researcher for this material.


Single layers of black phosphorus, the most stable form of the element in open air, are being studied as a 2D electron-poor also known as p-type semiconductor by Peide Ye and others at Purdue University in Lafayette, IN.

Newly presented material:  ProCene and ProC Nano

Under raman spectroscopy instrumentation,  these materials will test equivalent to, or as an enhanced version of  any graphite based graphene material.  High resolution microscopic evaluations reveal single-atom-thick hexagonal- or honeycomb-arranged cubical atoms. The slight difference from a true platelet orientation offers the end use client unique formulation options. It is also pliable, strong, light weight and conductive of both heat and electricity.  This materials offers equivalent or better options in formulation design to graphene and is often referred to as "synthetic" graphene.  The enhanced properties are achieved through a patented bio-mass conversion and manufacturing process. The patented process allows for extreme purity, carbon negative material, high quality and consistency.  Commercialization efforts are already underway to make industrial-scale applications, with plants being promoted as available to supply more than 1000 MTs per month in order to fill the awaiting 2D materials pipeline.  Client benchmark and test evaluations of ProCene and ProC Nano in coatings, CRFP, construction, resins, epoxy, fluids, energy,  and many additional end use applications have displayed exceptional performance.  It will be interesting to witness the battle for classification, and real world applications testing of this "Graphene like" material.  


Now offering:  Kortrax®

Kortrax® has the same platform in the form of polyamide base as that of Quoral® with the addition of other polymers to improve the performance profile of chemical permeability and the oxygen transfer rate (OTR) of containers of HDPE. With the trademark of Baritainers®, Kortrax® made containers can safely transport solvent-based products such as cleaning solvents, household chemicals, wood preservatives, industrial chemicals, adhesives, agricultural chemicals and automotive additives.

Kortrax® BR is FDA, USP 661 and EU compliant. This new barrier resin can be used in food applications to prevent oxygen contamination and permeation. The food application may now be continued with barrier containers of Kortrax® with HDPE mono-layer.

In addition to this, Kortrax® BR has another feature of an optical tracer. Whenever Kortrax® BR is used, it is possible to identify its presence within the Baritainer® with the use of UV flashlight to confirm both the distribution and presence of Kortrax® BR that is embedded in the walls of HDPE matrix. This way, end-users can be assured of Kortrax® BR’ presence and its barrier protection to the liquid products that are packaged within the HDPE container walls.

Coming soon:

Kortrax® -C series with Functionalized Carbon 

Nano Tubes

Kortrax® -G series with Graphene   

Carbon Nano Tubes:  New collaboration & representation agreement  with an industry leading  CNT company. 

Real testimonials

Please visit the recommendations section @  www.linkedin.com/in/patrickabbott1 .

the nano tech super soldier

Working with our Military and First Responders. Since 2004 creating a safe, efficient and effective PEACEKEEPER.



Check out the industry vision and growth @ www.youtube.com/watch?v=MIv8TnwQFr4


PLEASE VISIT the 2016 OVERVIEW tab at the top of the page to view an EXCITING 2019 UPDATE!!!!

What is in the name INDEPENDENCE? It is represents FREEDOM, LIBERATION and SUSTAINABILITY. These are the very principles behind the launch of Electric Vehicles Unlimited game changing FREEDOM CARRIAGE, called the INDEPENDENCE.

"There is no equivalent vehicle in the marketplace" states EVU founder Michael Clevenger, Vietnam Vet and DAV. The "INDY" is not simply an asset, but a life sustainability catalyst. EVU captures the essence of a lifestyle changing FREEDOM transportation asset, uniquely designed ergonomics and groundbreaking safety enhancements.

The Independence conforms to all of the DOT and NHSTA safety specifications pertaining to Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs). Head lights, tail lights, signal lights, brake lights, a horn, a DOT approved safety glass windshield, windshield wipers and safety belts, are included in the extensive list of standard equipment.

Patent pending technology includes: side impact protection, vehicle speeds programmed for a specific market or user, and the Independence rear entry method of boarding and exiting. There are no ramps. Interested?

The design enhancements are leading edge and designed to meet the exact needs of its user. " I have been involved with automotive technology, focused on the adaptability of previously unmet needs for persons of physical impairment for over twenty years, and this project checks all the boxes" says PJ Abbott, former Marine Officer, former IndyCar/NASCAR driver, and himself a military classified DAV.


First test drives:  




Growth 2010-Present



Our patented, life changing technology will change the lives of millions around the globe. EVU has developed the first platform suitable for wheel chair use. This alone will offer INDEPENDENCE to millions, providing a platform NEVER seen previous to this technology. Add in our most recent partnership with one of the country’s most advance electronics firm and we can now offer Para/Quadriplegic citizens something never thought possible, the accomplishment of an actual private operator driver’s license, and FREEDOM! Our program and asset is appropriately called the “INDY” for Independence.

Most importantly in working with spinal cord injury individuals since 1999, is our awareness that although freedom may seem to be an exciting concept for us; it can be a fear for those who have been dependent for so many years. In addition to the technology and service platform, we have developed a mental health and adjustment program to accompany the fears and challenges of potential users. 2016 Business Performance and Behavioral Scientist of the year, and best selling author Dr. Hank Seitz, leads this effort.

Share the big news

GMES statement June 11, 2018

Building on a reputation and referral, in July, 2016, GMES was contacted by the leadership of EVU, Electric Vehicles Unlimited first regarding the GMES Inflatable Barrier Control System use during flooding in the Dakotas.  Conversations evolved to the nano technology efforts of GMES related to EV energy cells, composites,  rubber, and it's reach into manufacturing, design, development, sales, marketing and distribution. A fee for estimated project initiation was quoted to EVU leadership. On August 16, 2016 GMES was approached and offered 150 shares of EVU stock, as one of nine (9) active shareholders in a closed member process, and additional deliverables registered in a signed MOU dated November 22, 2016 as posted below.  EVU/GMES Independence Project:  GMES informed of Patent issued December 2, 2016

First USA deliveries were originally scheduled for December 2016, then rescheduled and confirmed by a third party shipper for February 2017. February 2017 GMES is offered an additional 450 shares of EVU stock, and majority presence per 4a2 agreements documented with EVU attorneys. In August 2018 GMES, as a shareholder,  as seen in the document posted below, was informed by a senior partner of EVU that there had been an internal division of the company and a split of managing partners. GMES was informed via shareholder communique that current managing member Michael Clevenger has been removed by vote of the board of directors.  Mr. Clevenger had been the primary GMES contact as managing member of EVU and all associated negotiations. GMES was assured at this time, that inventory, scheduled for the previous February delivery would be fulfilled. Since the original notices, GMES received no deliveries of inventory,  was not updated on delivery progress, nor outstanding obligations owed to GMES of the posted MOU and an investigation was initiated. GMES delivered all commitments as listed in the original MOU. EVU and its BoD membership defaulted on inventory delivery and items per the original MOU.  Per communique on September 11, 2017, Mr. Clevenger informed GMES that he was the sole patent owner and had retained ownership of EVU.  Mr. Clevenger requested assistance in the areas listed int he original MOU.  EVU interactions have been placed on suspension; however, the development and technology gained has been widely used in other areas as well as automotive OEM and energy applications. 

GMES enthusiastically refers interested parties to visit Elbee Mobility for any immediate needs @


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MES has no current stake in Elbee Mobility and offers this referral objectively:


Inflatable Flood Barrier Protection known as the Inflatable Barrier & Containment System or IBCS.

Check out our Inflatable "sandless" barrier protection bags. They are not sand bags, but an Inflatable Barrier Containment System, replacing the entire need and hazards of the traditional sandbag: 


This is a program originally launched in 2010-2013 and redesigned for diversified uses in 2016.  

These have been qualified, tested and approved for use with FEMA and the American Red Cross Response Teams, and are available to you, as a consumer.


Thank you for the questions, and yes here are a few of the test drive videos:

First "test drive" video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHGcYeZj1nI



Customers have questions, you have answers. Display the most frequently asked questions, so everybody benefits.

Very EXCITING to see first commercial delivery to hometown The Woodlands Texas, nearly four years to the date of the start of this project:   https://www.linkedin.com/company/33253398