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Best of both worlds!

While working in a full time career in polymer sciences, composites, additives, nano technology and two dimensional material sciences, across all forms of applications from agriculture to x-ray, bio tech to waxes & polishes, cancer drug delivery to nano machines, I had an amazing opportunity to engage with the world of professional motor sport, and gain rave reviews for industry performance as a pioneer in the field. 

Former qualified & professional internationally ACCUS/FIA (1999-2012) licensed driver SSM (now Arrow McLaren SPM) / MCM Indianapolis IN (2000-2011): holding licenses in IndyCar, FA, NASCAR, GRC, SCCA, while developing a career in polymer sciences, nano tech, 2D materials sciences and motor sport engineering, as seen in the career path over many years (see coatings world review) and recommendations posted on the home page of this site and Linkedin. 

Here is a fun pic of my racing Licences and Credentials with a wonderful gift from Versarien PLC. These are earbuds made with VRS  2D tech..BRAVO. 

how careers & hobbies interact

From the 2016 work in EV and design, McLaren Formula 1, Richard Mille and Graphene create the worlds lightest, most accurate time piece.    The RM 50-03 McLaren F1 was produced in a numbered limited edition of 75 pieces at the   price of € 1.112.000  or $1.2M USD.

nano tech & tire tech

While at BASF, I was fortunate to lead a team of brilliant scientists in the evaluation of materials used in tires. 

The world of simple silicas have been replaced by the emerging use of advanced nanotechnology. 

We have worked diligently with several major rubber and tire companies to understand the ever changing needs and the use of nanotechnology, CNTs, and 2D materials. 

A microscopic look at nano-lubricants


The project is concentrating on the investigation of crankcase oils for diesel engines and greases for ball bearings applications under high heat and pressure.

The particles selected for engine oils made of MoS2 and are produced with a low cost and scalable wet chemistry synthesis based on polyol. Many efforts were devoted to the effective and stable dispersion of the solid phase into the final fully formulated lubricant. The nano-lubricant displayed reduced coefficient of friction with respect to a traditional lubricant in laboratory tribological tests.

graphene could revolutionaize f1


Graphene has the potential to revolutionize the Formula One industry, F1 expert Mark Priestly tells CNBC’s ‘One Second in F1 Racing’. Formula One cars are made largely of carbon fiber, but graphene has the potential to make F1 cars — and countless other applications — smaller, lighter and stronger.

PJ Abbott feature with Fox 4 Good Day morning show

Honored to have been chosen as a guest instructor, to be trusted on camera for Dan's instruction ride and spokesperson of FED

follow your passion:snapshot 2004-2009:gentleman racing

Events & Appearnaces

Licensing, Royalty & Commissions

Licensing, Royalty & Commissions


Even as a part time driver and driver for hire, I was asked to participate in sponsor activities and other appearances, even a few movie cameos. .  During this period, tax records will show that I was paid between $75K-155K  in payment or product exchanges, annually depending on amount of appearances, so let's use the low as an average $75,000 x 5 years= $375,000 or $75,000 annually. I was able to work in a profession full time, and enjoy my passion for racing and work on race craft. A fun SC Johnson appearance:

Licensing, Royalty & Commissions

Licensing, Royalty & Commissions

Licensing, Royalty & Commissions


As part time, companies are still interested in licensing both you and products that you endorse. Fees can range based on the product and contract. My taxes during this period show that I was able to earn between $19,000 and 63,000 annually in that 5 years, so let's use the low again and call $20,000 and average annually X 5= $100,000 in the 5 years or again $20,000 annually. In this example, Valspar paid for Lic and gained over 20 new franchises nationally. 

Driver for Hire

Licensing, Royalty & Commissions

Driver for Hire


As witnessed in the videos above, the really fun aspect of this passion is the opportunity to be hired part time as a guest instructor or driver for hire on ride-a-long driving experiences. I was very fortunate to work with over a dozen programs ranging from Indy car, NASCAR, Rally, Sports cars, and Exotics. Tax returns during this period, which continue on for many years show that an average year would yield  $13,000- 32,000 so for the total we will use the low @ $13,000. 


You can Race & Work

Driver for Hire


Always be humble and make yourself available to any discipline. People that called me to fill in for a sick driver or something that may have happened, as in the time Al Unser broke his arm two days before a race, You will be respected for the ability to get what is available out of the machine, and not cost the owner money in crash damages.  I enjoyed racing with and around some of the best in the world. Then return to work on Monday.  Some people played golf, or softball on the weekend, I chose to participate in motor sports as a crew member, learning engineer and driver. 

You can Race & Work

You can Race & Work

You can Race & Work


Every year I participated in this hobby, I was considered by  quarterly evaluations to be at the top level of performance in my regular job in my specific area of responsibility. In addition to a high level of performance, the hobby offered the opportunity to entertain clients, partners and suppliers to an amazing experience, most of the time track-side and top level suite hospitality.  Focus on an education and a career you will enjoy after the "glory days" of fun & passion. 

It all adds UP!

You can Race & Work

You can Race & Work


Let's total the benefits.  This is for illustration, and approximate. In these five years of evaluation  at the lowest  approximate annual revenue generated per tax returns, from section #1= $75,000, + #2 $20,000, +#3 $13,000 and according the the stats listed on the internet under driver earnings, and average payment of  $28,000 annually adds up to approximately  $136,000   for a part time hobby of passion and a TON OF FUN!  Of course there were expenses, etc, but a nice addition to the full time salary of a career.   I wonder how many people have that type of opportunity?  I was fortunate.

to be 25 again, at age 55

This past year, I had an opportunity to drive the new Honda powered F4 chasis for a charity and promotional ad campaign at the amazing NOLA motorsports park.  As a former driver, I was very appreciative to have the opportunity provided by JHDD. I was humbled by the support and the confidence in the team in allowing me to drive the incredible new chasis. It was a gracious offer to allow me the opportunity to spend the day on track with the team. 

I enjoyed the friendly "age" and fitness bantering. 

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