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My Own Skin Patient Cell Grown Grafts


WARNING: Videos graphic in nature.  2D, PM and BioLab Sciences present MyOwnSkin REGENERATIVE / WOUND CARE solutions. Additional information is located in the documents section at the bottom of this page. 

Wound care grafts from patient cells

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STEM CELL Respiratory Treatment


COPD, Asthma, Recovery, Trauma, Sleep, General wellness!


The Amnio Breathe TM nebulizer bundle is designed to deliver  our ambient liquid allograft product fluid, directly into the respiratory system.
Detailed information paper:

Dr. Marc Siegel on COVID-19 & Cytokines:  


Safe, Healthy, Effective Alternatives


The Baby Face Facial

Revolutionary and emerging technologies, healthy substitute for PRP treatments: 

The Science: 



COVID-19 Antibody Rapid Test


FDA Grants Emergency Authorization for First Rapid Antibody Test for COVID-19

April 04, 2020
 AVAILABLE to YOU for  use NOW! Vice President Pence speaks to the value of the Rapid test: Assistant Secretary HHS speaks on the Antibody test:
COVID-19 IgG/lgM Rapid Test is a 10-minute simple field test using a lateral flow immunoassay that will allow field personnel with minimal training to perform. The test detects the presence of lgG and lgM antibodies specific to 2019 n-CoV generally available in whole blood/serum/plasma after infection by 2019n-CoV.   


CDC/EPA/NSF approved ViTula Biocide


An approved "Green"  medical grade general cleaner and COVID-19 PROTOCOL with general public instruction, is NOW available for home, medical practice, offices spaces and public areas.  Proven in Spas, Health Clubs, Medical Offices, Veterinary Clinics, and more. While this product is NSF, CDC, and EPA registered,  this is a general surfaces prevention method and does not claim to ensure COVID-19 protection.

Overview @ 

Room Fogger Application Video:

General Virus Educational Overview: 

Full ViTula Biocide Presentation and testimonials: 


Point Of Care (PCR/CLIA) Machines & Sytems

Practice Owned Lab (POL) 

Program includes Reagents/Technician/Equip/Legal: no up front costs to practice. POC is "the game changer."

Dr. Siegel: 

Asst Secretary HHS Admiral Giroir: 


3D Bio-printing: Skin & Organoids

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SingleCare Discount Pharmacy Program


COVID-19 has changed life for everyone across the globe. Since the virus has spread so quickly, it’s become crucial to limit transmission by practicing social distancing. 

Many of us are faced with rising prescription demands.

Now more than ever patients need medications and in many cases, prescription savings.  Patients may access SingleCare savings of up to 80% on many FDA-approved prescription, OTC and Pet medications using the information on this card. 

The card can be used even if you already have insurance, at thousands of locations including institutional pharmacies such as  Walmart/CVS and in many cases can offer a deeper discount or cut deductibles. 


Medical Practice Marketing

A  revolutionary, success proven system of Medical Practice focused marketing through the use of Health Care informatics.

Sample articles: 

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Nano/Bio Science Technology Development

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Full Product & Services Platform

  • Three (3) basic concepts

  • Four (4) pillars

  • Over FIFTY (50) offerings


Molecular nano-machines

How do they work:

We have the knowledge and resources to offer life changing solutions to many of the worlds problems. How do Nano machines really work?

Real world application in prostate cancer treatment: 


Sports-Technologies & BioBike

Sports -Technologies was recently formulated to design, develop and manufacture middle to high end products of which will enhance the outcomes for elite athletes and most levels of participants , currently the focus is in the bicycle area, with power meters, Ergo bikes, Spin bikes, rehabilitation, fitting bikes and analysis software.

Sports-Technologies, products under design or in low production:

• Power Meters

• Ergo Bikes

• Fitting bikes

• Spin bikes

• Analysis software

Sports-Technologies power meters have been in active use with the science community. The method by which the data is received is unique and allows for extreme accuracy. Current supported markets including the following;

• Road


• Track


• Ergo Bike

• Fitting Bikes

• Spin bikes


Welcome to the Healthy Living Revolution!

The Healthy Living Revolution is a movement of individuals who are inspiring themselves and others to take their health back. We offer simple solutions and resources to take the first step and beyond. 

Your guide to living healthy

 This is a public blog, not associated with GMES, but offered to serve as an additional stream of information.  Now imagine, a place to access the wonder of fruits and vegetables all in one simple process.

As a certified Healthy Home Coach and former Precision Nutrition Level 1 coach, we can help YOU understand the value of this amazing Healthy Living Revolution program.


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