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Chairman Patrick J. Abbott joins Armstrong to discuss the COVID 19 medical supply availability,  2DGPM contributions to humanitarian efforts, and deployment of breakthrough COVID 19 medical technologies such as the Rapid Antibody Test airing ABC Saturday May 24 and to 171 channels May 30, 2020.

our COVID-19 Antibody tests as low as $20.00 USD!


 Survey Shows That Americans Prefer ‘Made-in-America’ Products!!!!!

A new survey has found that most Americans prefer to buy local, "Made in America" products. The Manufacturing Perception Report found that 64.96% of Americans say made-in-America products are of superior quality compared to foreign-made products. 

"Where and When can I get this TEST...?"

 Why do people keep asking.."..where and when can I get this test...?"   We HAVE it: MADE IN AMERICA!



 FDA UPDATE May 15, 2020:


2D Global COVID 19 Antibody test use video:



 KNOW YOUR TESTS: -  What test is it -  What is the process -  Where is it manufactured -  What is the cross reactivity -  What is the sensitivity rating -  What are the requirements -  What is the total cost -  What is the time investment  We have the COVID-19 finger prick antibody 5-10 minute test now.  We also offer the Molecular test through mail in or CLIA certified on site POC machine. This video displays our cartridge likeness in use for the intended goal of a quick, easy, efficient, and AFFORDABLE test to the mass public, for the 80% that will NOT require further treatment or testing. 

COVID 19 EUA/FDA/CE stamp Multiple Options:


 Device Reagent, Coronavirus Serological Definition. The qualitative detection of IgM and/or IgG antibodies to coronavirus from human specimens. Physical StateIn vitro diagnostic device (Antibody). Technical Method Serological assay. Target Area Detection and differentiation of IgM and/or IgG antibodies from human specimens. Review Panel Microbiology Product Code QKO Pre-market Review Office of In Vitro Diagnostics and Radiological Health (OIR)
Not Classified Reason EUA - Emergency Use Authorization Submission Type EUA - Emergency Use Authorization Device Class Not Classified. Total Product Life Cycle (TPLC T PLC Product Code Report  GMP Exempt. No Summary Malfunction
Reporting Ineligible Implanted Device. No Life-Sustain/Support Device. No Third Party Review Not Third Party Eligible 

FDA EUA document:


Clinical Interpretation (1):


Updated CMS ruling:


Updated CPT coding:


Updated clinical interpretation (2):


our test validated as "real" outside the USA

At the time of this report, this COUNTRY reported less than 40,000 total cases


"POC is THE GAME CHANGER..." Dr. Marc Siegel

Point of care Also available

Program includes Reagents/Technician/Equip/Legal: no up front costs to practice. POC is "the game changer."

Dr. Siegel:  https://youtu.be/_77MtlNlMTs 

Asst Secretary HHS Admiral Giroir:  https://youtu.be/IRRa2YacR_E 

Stay informed about public health recommendations related to the Corona virus by visiting www.cdc.gov

An approved "Green"  medical grade general cleaner and COVID-19 PROTOCOL with general public instruction, is NOW available for home, medical practice, offices spaces and public areas.  Proven in Spas, Health Clubs, Medical Offices, Veterinary Clinics, and more. While this product is NSF, CDC, and EPA registered,  this is a general surfaces prevention method and does not claim to ensure COVID-19 protection.

Overview @  https://youtu.be/0BmqSpQQyJg 

Room Fogger Application Video: https://youtu.be/gLkuJGcAIAA

General Virus Educational Overview:  https://youtu.be/Z1eOzPJQmbI 

Full ViTula Biocide Presentation and testimonials: https://youtu.be/dIYLehA0r5g 

DON'T RISK IT:    https://www.cnbc.com/2020/03/23/cdc-coronavirus-survived-in-princess-cruise-cabins-up-to-17-days-after-passengers-left.html 


pharmacy savings



If you would like your own independent electronic or physical card, or cards for friends, family and co-workers, please feel free to email me @ Patrick@2DGlobal.com or 


There is no limit to the number of times an individuals can use the card. 

 We offer electronic options, sets of cards and professional displays & dispensers.  



you were born an original-don't die a Copy


Passionate Professionals

  " A person who sees a problem is a human being; a person who finds a solution, no matter the challenges, naysayers, harassment, and attacks.. is visionary; and the person who goes out against ALL ODDS and does something about it is an entrepreneur. "  Ignore the NOISE of the few to help the many ... 

Welcome to GMES/2D Global in partnership with Progress Medical LLC, a premier targeted technical marketing and sales firm located in the heart of Texas. Contracted by a wide range of clients, including Fortune 100 & 500 technology, entertainment, financial, service, chemical, engineering, sports, government, medical, transportation, energy and solar firms, we have a knack for building relationships and offering solutions. 

Our individual business divisions include: Sales Training & Development, Technical Development, Production both film & non-film, Direct Marketing, Technical Sales, Medical, Campaign Development, Motorsports, Nano & Two dimensional (2D) Material Services, Medical Practice Sales & Marketing, Medical Products & Services Platforms, Medical Business Marketing, and our very special Philanthropic team.  OUR SECRET is truly common sense based. We understand that 80% of  B2B sales professionals speak about THEMSELVES and their PRODUCTS, while our interest is in diving deep into your process, in an effort to understand YOUR specific targets and requirements. 

We strive to exhibit authenticity in order to earn TRUST and CONFIDENCE.  As simple and as cliche' as it sounds, and no matter just how great we believe we are:

"...people do not care how much YOU know, until they know how much You CARE..."  President Theodore Roosevelt

Since 1999, in targeted and technical marketing, as MCM brand and MCM entertainment LLC, we have helped businesses create their product presence and value added worthiness in a variety of market spaces. Our process is designed to empower your team and outfit your business with the  tools needed to succeed. Our teams can assist in the navigation of today's technical  & business development environment.  We identify the CPPP: Challenges, Pitfalls, enhancement of Patient/client service, and Profitability. Talk to us today about how we can support your growth, limit your turnover, and put you on a solid track to success and profit.

Information contained within this site is protected under IP and copyright law, as clearly stated at the bottom of each page. Any duplication or use of the material contained within this site is strictly prohibited without the expressed written permission of Global Marketing Empire Solutions and 2DGlobal LLC.

 NAICS Code 541613 - Marketing Consulting Services is a final level code of the “Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services” Sector,

 NAICS Code 621999- Healthcare Technology provider. and NAICS Code 541611 Healthcare Consulting services.  


Dun & Bradstreet D-U-N-S # 117537363

SAM & CAGE codes upon request

SAM Directory Registered


Our Analytical Approach

Our service includes a comprehensive consult to help identify gaps and opportunities, and results in a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines a cost analysis. Our teams will work with you in a systematic evaluation of your goals, developing the best plan forward. Our individualized plans are made up of quality services that will help you get there quickly and smoothly.  Check out the services section for service offerings, packages and pricing.  


Our Success is Your Success

We want to give you the time and guidance you deserve. Our methods of identification and market penetration are tailored for your needs. We are your message delivery system. Whether you are just starting out, or need to redevelop your brand, we can work with you to create the product story that will relate to your target market and lead your business to success. We didn’t get there alone, and neither will you.  


How do you know if your shareholders are happy with your efforts? Perhaps when they are so excited, they recognize your efforts with an intricate and extremely flattering cartoon.  It is humbling and appreciated, especially when they include all of the details, look closely, much to view.

More detailed testimonies and recommendations related to founder Patrick J Abbott's credible career history can be viewed after the contact form and on his LinkedIn profile by clicking the LinkedIn badge below.   

At GMES and 2D Global, we seek the best results for all parties involved in the process.

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To order product, begin an account or ask a question; please complete the form below. We are receiving a high volume of inquiries from various global regions. Only inquiries that have completed the entire form will be forwarded to our Science and Client services team. Physician only registration form link: https://261f074f-6306-4ef3-b223-d75e3057b0c2.filesusr.com/ugd/f3c0e0_648023d44a6f4a18b84a8e9e9e98e6bf.pdf

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Greater than two decades of positive results & TESTIMONials

Letter of Reccomendation from General John Kelly (now White House Chief of Staff), and VP Dan Quayle

Recommendations and testimonials can be viewed & validated via Linkedin.

TDEM: Texas Department Emergency Management

Carol Flack, State of Texas Strike Force

...authorizes 2D Global / Progress Medical  to evaluate, source, and secure items for the state's emergency response requirements. ..


NBC : Lead producer and researcher

 "Patrick,  we have several positive updates. Legal has cleared GMES 2D Global for participation and I’m also following up with good news from the Editorial Committee.  Because of your prominent position in the nano-tech field--and the diversity and quality of the companies you work with--the Committee has suggested we consider a half-hour “Nanotech” episode .  A half-hour, it is felt, would be more appropriate to cover the depth and breadth of this amazing frontier—and the significant contributions to quality-of-life that you are making a reality.   The 2D Global story proposal was very well received. The creative director agreed that 2D Global’s leadership in the graphene and nano-technology space will make an exciting story that will resonate well with the higher-educated CNBC and international viewing audiences.     Overall, the team felt that the 2D Global story—of leading exploration of the nano-technology frontier of the future with impactful technology that is improving quality of life today—will make a compelling business, technology, and environmental story with national and international interest."

July 17, 2019 email from CNBC 

The Calloway Law Group:  FEMA

Please allow this letter to confirm that we have personal knowledge of the assets and available funds of  2D Global / Progress Medical and can attest to the financial capabilities to complete the entire transaction


General John F Kelly 

White House Chief of Staff

"...is unquestionably in the top 1% of all Officers I have encountered"

"...demonstrates traits and characteristics far in advance of his years and supportive of his integrity..."

"...approaches every task with a passionate drive that at times could be seen as obsession, but then reels it in to perspective with reason and humor..."

"...defines initiative, flexibility, and compassion..."

"...is a model of efficiency and effectiveness, investing in the training and development of others around to solidify the strength of his peers, juniors, and peripheral influences..."

"...recommended to the President of the 

United States of America for augmentation and the Navy Commendation for services above and beyond the normal calls of duty..."

Admiral JK Ready


"....TOP NOTCH PERFORMER..driving professional passion..."

"...1 of 51 in evaluated ranking class members..."

"...DYNAMIC and INSPIRATIONAL leader, absolute TEAM player...persistant researcher and devoted leader..."

"...devotes endless hours to helping others...a firm but fair manager that identifies, understands and supports the needs of his juniors under his leadership..."

"...single handedly saved the closing of an inner city NORFOLK VA Boys Club, remaining open for over 1200 patrons..."

"...exhibits the highest standards of loyalty, integrity, personal conduct, foresight, flexibility, and displays self-motivation, resourcefulness, and imagination. .."

"...routinely received compliments from Flag Officer, Senators, Congressman, and the Vice President of the United States of America..." 

Ramona Porter

St. Josephs's College

"The interviewing board was extremely impressed with your interview, and your attention to detail.  It is for this reason we have chosen you as an Ambassador of the school..." 

Colonel Leonard Supko

USMC Medal of Honor

"....undoubtedly the most impressive Lt I have witnessed and ever had the pleasure to serve with..."

"...is tenacious, and focused, always considerate of the juniors he serves..."

"There are few Officers that poses the "will" and determination to carry out the mission from "cradle to "grave"  with such a passion and attention to detail..."

"....most impressive is his vision, sense of purpose and "get my hands dirty if I need to" work ethic, and professional maturity in support of his teams....'

Wanda J Gobin

Naval Criminal Investigative Service

"... performed admirably in operations in the Mediterranean theater, and is being considered for augmentation..." 

"... great recommendations for world wide service and will be submitted for activation...."

"... was responsible and respectful in performing duties as the Command Investigator, USS Dwight D Eisenhower, CVN-69, and in the supervision of twenty-five patrol team members as shore team in foreign ports...."

"... Security Clearance SECRET issued to  Patrick Jude Abbott 880411 ENTNAC860915....."

Sam Johnson (deceased founder SC Johnson Company-following American Coatings Show Charlotte)

Patrick, thank you the work and effort in assisting us at the American Coatings Show. It is always our expectation to be featured on the cover of the daily show booklet.  The surprise this year was the depth of coverage between the covers and a line to view the booth, that was the longest at the show and frankly any I can remember...perhaps a n opportunity for our booth personnel. You have represented our brand in the professional and compassionate manner we seek. Most impressive was your level of energy and willingness to assist our people and meet our clients.  Sorry to use the cliche', but you under promised and over delivered.  

Lynn, MBA, PCC

Executive Leadership Coach

I have had the pleasure of knowing and working with Pat over the last 17 years. As he worked up the corporate ladder, he was a high achiever who consistently set his own goals and standards above other’s expectations, sometimes breaking from traditional approaches in favor of delivering exceptional customer results.

The vision and creative insight he brings to relationships and solutions is a gift. In his new role as Chairman, he is positioned to use his strengths - creating value for customers and providing exciting opportunities for employees, partners and new ventures. No doubt he will be successful in this venture and any other he puts energy towards - his track record speaks for itself. 

Pete Temaat

Health Care Informatics

Patrick provides excellent analysis of integration challenges.  He offers valuable insight into the evaluation of policy and balance of pragmatic execution. His ability to assess system development and lifecycle have proven to be invaluable during the fast paced decision making process of the current pandemic. 

Terry G. Box

Retired Sheriff Collin County Texas

Former President Sheriff's Association of Texas

I have known P.J. For several years. He is a man of his word, a straight shooter highly motivated person. Always doing the right thing and in my opinion a great family man.. PJ is a Man of utmost integrity! His professionalism and targeted marketing approach has impacted in a large way in just a short period of time. If you need your Company to get results, contact PJ! 

Dr. Hank Seitz

Professional Business coach and Best Selling Author

PJ is an incredible person and his leadership have been an inspiration to us all. He has a remarkable ability to identify business challenges and then develop solutions that take businesses to a new level of lower costs and increased growth.

He is also well connected in the business world and knows how to build long term friendships that allow more opportunities for his clients. PJ has also demonstrated amazing strength in his personal life and has overcome tremendous adversity and see the good in everything!

Named America's Top Business Performance Expert 2017

David Robles

Head of Business NG Genius

Count yourself lucky if you get to work with Patrick. He is positive, attentive, highly knowledgeable, trustworthy, and at all times a diligent professional.  It is my pleasure to work with Mr. Abbot in graphene and nano-technology fields. Prior to our work together, I had studied his career and impact in the carbon, graphene , electric vehicle technology development and composites industries, and recognize him as one of the authentic industry leaders.  I consider him a friend and look forward to continue working with him on a variety of graphene projects in the future. 

Jeff Carr 

Commercial Development Active Minerals International

It is hard not to repeat our friend Roland.... knowing Pat Abbott I have to honestly say it is not a complete surprise. My brother, you do not shy from climbing mountains.....or maybe it’s more accurate to say that you do not see mountains and obstacles like others. And without knowing your wife, it’s certain that she too must be a giant among women.  What a great example you are to everyone.   Jacob 2: 18-19: But before ye seek for riches, seek ye for the kingdom of God.  And after ye have obtained a hope in Christ ye shall obtain riches, if ye seek them; and ye will seek them for the intent to do good—to clothe the naked, and to feed the hungry, and to liberate the captive, and administer relief to the sick and the afflicted.  Thank you Pat. 

Business Development Leader 

Saudi Aramco

I had the pleasure of working with Patrick at Johnson Polymer (now BASF) and currently working with him on Carbon Nano Tubes and Graphene, . Pat is truly a subject matter expert in 2D Materials. I have no one who know as much as Patrick about the 2D applications and the 2D materials.  He is high energy, extremely focused with a can do and get it done attitude, and now is in a position to help move the needle for 2D materials in plastics, composites, polymers and more, If you are working in 2D materials, I strongly suggest working with Patrick. 

Michael Jed Lantis


I met Patrick though my parents and now our families have become very close. I’ve had the opportunity to learn family traits, business innovation, and process ideas. He also gave me the book “The Servant by James Hunter” a great read/reminder to “treat the way you want to be treated.” I’d recommend Patrick for any projects and is a great person you need to think outside of the box. 

Jerry Pfiester

Director Premier BPO Solutions

$50M+ USD Revenue outsourcing

Patrick is a 1st class professional who is honest and man of integrity. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to his craft and very forthright about his intentions. He is the type of person that would improve ANY business. Just a true pleasure to know him as a person and in business.

Dr. Gene Barclay DPM

I have been practicing medicine for more than 15 years and have been re-energized by the enthusiasm, integrity, opportunity, service and industry knowledge presented by Patrick. He has evaluated my specific needs and identified the "right" systems to enhance my exposure within the region. Patrick was able to identify the challenges, pitfalls, options for enhanced patient care and potential profitability of my podiatry practice. His innovative technologies and credible partnerships, support new strategies for my practice. Patrick offers a unique blend of sales, marketing, scientific and technical expertise. His availability, and willingness to help, answer questions and offer direction is unmatched. Through the development of my practice, we will be able to positively influence the level of patient care and positively change many, many lives. 

Thomas Wolfe 

Senior Executive, JJM  Ventures LLC

Patrick is a leader with and proponent of unique, advanced and innovative healthcare offerings that not only fill the needs of numerous healthcare segments, but may provide a disruptive influence on the industry to change the way healthcare is delivered to increase practice profitability and enhance patient care. Patrick is also a willing and effective mentor to individuals he works with and highly effective consultative sales person to the physicians and groups that are his customers.  

Matthew Ahern

President SSDS Technology

PJ Abbott  is a remarkable man, a great friend and a loving father to his family. A Veteran that has served our country, a successful business owner an entrepreneur.  He has helped  many small business owners revive their  businesses and get back on track. As for me he was there when I needed a  friend. I am always there for him and his family.  Thank you P.J.

Eric Hoxit

CEO, GCR Nano Tech

Thanks Patrick. For those on the team who don’t know, Patrick was instrumental in getting the new data on our ProCene /Procene Nano marketing piece, and wrote the description we used in the handout.  Patrick was also aware of the market needs, and the direction of specific strategies to meet those needs. Thanks again, Patrick & great job!

Percy Chinoy

Global Business Development Executive

I had the pleasure of working with Patrick in commercializing innovative technologies. Patrick has the quintessential sales personality – upbeat, enthusiastic, confident, and ability to listen and draw out customers’ needs or problems, and identify possible solutions. He is well connected and effectively leverages his industry knowledge and wide network to hunt for new business opportunities. He has a strong work ethic and is equally comfortable taking a high-level strategic view as well as diving into the details of the technology and pulling in resources to drive customer projects. Patrick’s strong leadership and communication skills will continue to enable his success.  

Howard Hubert

Chief Commercial Officer 

Patrick is no-nonsense, results driven executive who focuses on attainment of the goal, and execution of the plan. He has a strong orientation on leveraging the strengths of the team while providing resources required to achieve the expected results. Clarity in communication and decisiveness in laying out a path; Patrick is all about measurable action! In a very short period of time, he created an environment where we were able to collaboratively make a significant impact to the business for the benefit of both organizations. High-impact professional!

Salina Perry

Prime Health Partners, LLC

Patrick is a professional stand up guy in our industry! Always does what he says and is always available to help when needed. He has referred and introduced me to to people closer to me in Dallas, seems he has connections everywhere! I love working with Patrick and I hope we have a future of shared success! 

Mike Brenner

Company shareholder Versarien Technologies

Patrick had a huge impact on the US expansion of Versarien by leveraging his network of relationships at major companies built up over the last 30 years to understand problems they were trying to solve with existing projects and identify where the Versarien graphene products could uniquely help them. He was able to achieve in 90 days what no other 2D materials company has figured out in years which resulted in numerous collaborations across applications and the first graphene orders for Versarien in the USA for applications in the oil and gas exploration sector. In short he is an impact player! 

Tommy Pearce

President Medical Instruments Company

I am a former Marine and Veteran business owner with certifications and qualifications at the highest levels of clearance and representation. I have known Patrick since 2002. He has supported my business, my charities and my family. Patrick is a man of integrity and has always displayed an absolute positive posture in business. I have personally watched Patrick reach above and beyond in every relationship and situation to insure that all parties were well serviced and satisfied. I witnessed Patrick's charitable contributions to veterans abroad and his tireless efforts with our first responders. Some of my favorite memories were watching Patrick with children and people of disability at the race track. This was before the birth of his Autistic/Down child. He was a favorite driver who was always the first to be at the autograph station and the last to depart. Sponsors loved this guy. He was a great ambassador. His military reputation is legendary among the USMC proud and dedication to his country is unwavering and unquestionable. I have reached out over the past 25 years to ask advice in business, charity and personal situations. He is always considerate of all views and has offered logical and amicable options for every situation. I have never seen an angry or unsatisfied client. I have personally witnessed his work within the racing community, sponsor engagement, race team interactions, and business acumen. His work in the technology space and new development is unmatched. His servant leadership is contagious. He has always been an inspiration to others and those around him, as you may see in other recommendations feel fortunate to be associated. My family has adored and respected Patrick for over 20 years and even today, I ask advice. The guy is every bit who he says he is and more. He is a visionary and a world influencer..period. If you latch on and trust, this guy will never let you down.  

Sir Michael A. Letts

Sheriff and Councilman

I have had the honor of working with PJ Abbott and GMES for the last six years in support of InVest USA, a non-profit 501c3 public charity whose mission is to provide bullet-proof vest to law enforcement officers whose agencies are unable to provide these life saving devices themselves. There are currently over 400,000 officers across our great nation with no protection at all. PJ has poured his heart and resources into helping "protect those who protect us", even to his own peril at times. The law enforcement community across America are deeply grateful. He is a man of integrity, and a loyal friend. He brought national media and attention to our cause. Our social media presence increased by 900 times in volume in the first six months.

Mike Monroe

SC Johnson

Patrick brought super high energy to the sales team at Johnson Polymer. He was one of those fearless folks able to uncover big opportunities and mobilize the organization to support him in capturing them. 

Sheryl  Stallings

Marketing Manager Lowes SW region

Mr. Abbott and his family are the absolute best people. They are integrity based and people you can count on to deliver results and meet commitments. We worked with Mr. Abbott and his son in a sponsorship and fundraising campaign during the 2016 MDA drive and across over twenty independent sites that all offered positive feedback. We greatly appreciate Mr. Abbott's commitment to our program and his positive representation of our brand.

Amrit Bindra

Innovation leader BASF/Englehard

I worked with Patrick while we both were with Engelhard Corporation. Patrick was a great support during some plant scale-ups products. He was diligent in attention to detail. Later I had indirect contact with him when he was in sales and marketing but heard about him that he owed his success to his market understanding, customer intimacy, responsiveness to client demands, advanced technical understanding, and ability to match the business resources with the client needs. I wish Patrick a well deserved continued growth and success. 

Chris Hessler

Director of Engineering XG Sciences

It has been a real privilege to work along side and know Patrick. As a "commercial" person, his technical acumen & depth is impressive by nearly all standard, as is his curiosity to incorporate emerging technologies. Never have I met someone so enthusiastic to find unconventional commercial pathways to legitimize new technology into the market, as he has done with various 2D materials. Commercially, he's embraced the status and applicability of 2D materials into the broader markets & helped legitimize it not just as a novelty additive, but as the next generation of materials in manufacturing. He's been a great benefit to the industry. Keep it up Patrick! 

R.J. Valin 

Vice President Sales & Business Development Sincol USA

Oh My God Pat , I had no Idea. This Sir, is the greatest thing of all the great things you have done. BRAVO! Pat and Mrs. Abbott . 2 Corinthians 4:17  For this light momentary affliction is preparing for us an eternal weight of glory beyond all comparison.    

Greg Ross

VP of Sales (Technology) EFI

Pat has an uncanny ability to uncover unmet needs of the market (that may not even be apparent to the market players). His unconventional style and approach is refreshing, and results demonstrated time after time. He has the ability to clearly understand the market needs, communicate those needs within an organization, assemble the appropriate resources, develop strategy options and execute.

Leonard Milowski

Director Sales FM Minerals

This is a recommendation for Patrick. This man is a true leader. The most exciting person I know. He's always on his game, thinks outside the box and it has been my great pleasure to call him my great friend for 25 years.

Dan Kerr

President  Color Guild CPO International

I have known Patrick for many years in several different capacities and market segments. Through Pat's unique experiences he brings some excellent insights to the table. With his expertise, he can quickly analyze a situation from a 360 perspective, develop and implement strategic and tactical solutions. His candid non-political approach may cut to the bone, but a good dose of professional reality is what all companies need to keep on track. Pat thanks for keeping it real. Keep up the great work. 

Coleman Research Company

Patrick has consulted with us on many occasions. He is one of our most sought after technical resources. He can legitimately be considered one of the top ten authorities in the world in his knowledge space. He commands a premium for services and our clients schedule out weeks in advance for service.

John  Kelly

Director Technical Support Huntsman International/Venator

I have had the good fortune to work under Patrick's direction. Patrick is one of those unique managers who is both an inspiring mentor and visionary business leader. These qualities translate into an ability to motivate a team to care about its project and be invested in the project’s success. In our organization, due to Patrick's personality and in-depth industry knowledge, he serves as a key go-to person for problem solving and actionable business direction. 


Innosquared GmbH - Director
Dusseldorf Germany

We are considered to be the top research firm in our market space, and we can state that Mr. Abbott and his team have always helped our clients. Mr. Abbott is considered a top authority in the industry and has been professional, flexible, accurate and a valuable asset in our portfolio.

Daniel Salazar

Director  International Technology Huntsman International

I have had the privilege of working with Patrick on couple of process improvement implementation projects at Huntsman and I fully endorse and recommend him. His understanding of the chemical industry, customer-oriented focus and commercial instinct are unmatched. Patrick is a “big picture” strategic thinker who executes with enthusiasm and commitment. 


Contracting Officer Chief, PCAC EE Contracting Division United States Department of Veterans Affairs 

To Whom It May Concern: As an authorized signatory and representative of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, this letter should serve to confirm 2D Global / Progress Medical for assignment  interest in the procurement of the following items, as part of our response to COVID-19 National Emergency. 

As an authorized signatory and representative of the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, this letter should serve to confirm interest in the procurement through the partnership with 2D Global / Progress Medical, of the following items, as part of our response to COVID-19 National Emergency. 

Johnathan Fecteau

EVONIK Global Director

I worked together with Patrick at a large chemical / materials B2B international company — BASF — and had the pleasure of together introducing a novel UV inhibitor for the progressive carbon fiber industry. Pat has a long list of business skills but what struck me most was his ability to focus directly on the needs of the customer and the skill to identify what the customer needed sometimes before they even realized it was required. This dedication lead to rapid advancement of projects at many different potential accounts faster than expected thus pulling revenue forward. Additionally, Pat has an outgoing, genuine style that customers appreciate which allows for extensive organizational mapping to further advance the cooperation between supplier and customer. Dedication to utilizing new product technology to beneficially impact the customer and employer bottom line would make him a success in any commercial endeavor. 

Ron Jay


Patrick J Abbott is one of the most focused and motivated owner/drivers  in the industry. His attention to detail and commitment to the job at  hand is all ways ahead of the curve . He has an amazing ability to capture and retain sponsors. If a leader is  what you are  looking for Patrick J Abbott is your man. 

Randal Taylor

VP Purchasing Jones Blair

Patrick has an instinct for knowing how to put a deal together that works for all sides. He is most valuable when given space to move around and be creative with his resources.

Steve  Kafka

President  Superior Chemical

Patrick is a singularly focused, self-motivated individual who not only takes on all challenges but approaches them with enthusiasm and skill. His optimism is contagious and his accomplishments speak for themselves. 

Brett Harmeling

Financial Advisor and Hurricane Harvey "Hero of the storm" nominee

I had the opportunity to pursue several business ventures with PJ. He is a charismatic, driven individual and shows passion for what he does. 


President Group/Marketing

I witnessed his passion, vision and energy first hand. His relationships in the industry are amazing and it truly is impressive as to how many people he has helped throughout the years. Patrick’s knowledge of the industry is always a win for the customers he works with in order to keep them running smooth where they can focus on other tasks at hand. He was single handedly responsible for stopping a 30% or greater multi annual slide, turning it into a better than 40% gain and allowing my family to sell our Group to the existing owners.


GMES is definitely our "GO TO" resource. The information is accurate, on time and under budget. The detail of market analysis is almost overwhelming, and is always presented in a methodical process. Mr. Abbott's team is courteous, and listens to the target needs of our staff and clients. His integrity is unquestionable, and his ability to create client intimacy is in a class alone. 

Roger Kolarz

VP Operations

As the Operations Manager of a National Distributor, I worked closely with Patrick. Patrick is one of the most highly motivated and energetic people I've ever worked with - so I am confident in writing this recommendation, with first hand experience. Our business grew significantly, based on the direct support, knowledge and service from Patrick. He always evaluated a situation, worked diligently to understand the need, and solicited the necessary resources for the best outcome. His experience in various disciplines of the specialty chemical business, coupled with his understanding of the industry, and ability to enlist the right team; offered a solid platform for overcoming challenges and creating opportunity. His uplifting, energetic attitude always positively influenced our staff. He would be considered an asset in any system.

Sheriff's Association of Texas SAT (2016)

The Sheriff's Association of Texas is proud to announce and endorse our partnership with Marketing Empire Solutions. The SAT is humbled by the opportunities presented by Marketing Empire Solutions, and their business relationships with Marketing Empire Solutions. This opportunity will present a significant offering of charitable support for our association, training, scholarships, community awareness programs, and quality of life for our law enforcement members.

In addition to the indirect impact for each of our members, a direct benefit will be offered from the programs presented by this program. Marketing Empire Solutions will offer members access to member benefits ranging from no charge upgrades to lower costs. We applaud the efforts of Marketing Empire Solutions, and their vision for an improved quality of life for our law enforcement community.

Jeff  Williams

VP/Director of Purchasing 

Patrick (PJ) is very detailed and produced results for our company, sourcing products we wanted and finding a price that would work. I have worked with PJ over the years of his past representation (SC Johnson, BASF, NP Group) and I always knew he would follow up and get things done and I could move on to other projects. 

Craig Glottfelter

Sales Manager BASF

Patrick is one of the most dynamic people with whom I have had the privilege to meet. A great mentor and a tireless entrepreneur are the two best words I'd use to describe Pat. Pat has helped me and others in our careers with sage advice and a can do team spirit that encourages those around him. Pat's obviously a man of many talents and his personal courage shows through in everything he does and every relationship he has. When you need someone at your back, there is no one better than Pat. A leader by example, a team-player with boundless enthusiasm, and a rock-solid colleague...that's Pat. 

Kathy Palokoff

President / CEO Firestarter Inc

PJ is one of the most passionate and creative people I know. No matter what company he is starting or involved in, he brings a unique combination of vision and business savvy. Most important, his desire to make things better for all of us in any way he can dominates his actions. A remarkable man.

Paul Gerrard

Pro Driver/Author/"the STIG"

Patrick is one of the most passionate, dedicated, hard working people I have ever met. There is no deadline to tight, no meeting too far, he will get the job done. He also has a vast area of expertise that gives him the ability to efficiently navigate every aspect of just about any endeavor. His creative thinking coupled with his expertise and work ethic make him highly recommended in every way. 


President & Ceo (#1 company in market/C-level coach)

Great leader to work with ..... exceptional communication and  interpersonal skills; high energy, enthusiastic, and self-motivated;  excellent background with BASF, Johnson Polymers, Englehard and US Marine  Corp; extensive background in managing new business development for performance additives for paints, coatings and composites; functional  background and experience that includes Key Account Management,  Marketing, Sales and Global New Business Development, and Channel  Management; all of this and passionate about his work, creative, inspirational and organized. A pleasure to work with. 

InSights Global (International Office)

Patrick is considered one of the most sought consultants in the market. He is devoted, accurate, passionate, client service oriented and flexible.  He will go past the extra mile @ 4:00 PM or 2:00 AM, our partners can not say enough, and feel as if the hourly rate is a bargain for the work and efforts we have seen over the years. This man and his team's are top notch and exemplify extreme integrity.


Senior Executive

Patrick is  a great resource to work with. He has extreme professionalism, enthusiasm and the highest standards of integrity.  A  great leader, a visionary and an inspiration to others.  Patrick would  be a great fit in any organization looking for assistance, as he is extremely passionate about  success in the marketplace.

Mark Atkin

Shareholder Versarien Technologies International

As a shareholder of Versarien, I am thrilled that we have Patrick’s unique set of skills to drive the commercialization of graphene in the US. I have never come across someone so motivated, passionate, committed and hardworking. He is like an Energizer bunny powered by a graphene enhanced super capacitor.  Patrick always has a smile on his face, his positivity and ‘can do’ attitude is contagious, and his warm energy emits like a beacon, drawing people in. Having the most impressive product on the market being sold by the most impressive salesman on the planet is a match made in heaven.   The progress he has made during his first few months at Versarien is astonishing. More so, when you considered his dedication to his family. Anyone that knows Patrick, knows he is a great father to his two sons.   It is no easy task to sell highly disruptive technology when the world isn’t quite ready for it, but I believe no one is better equipped to succeed than Patrick. He is a natural born winner and I am delighted to have him in the team. 

Susan Renner

VP NBD Specialty Chemicals

What really sets Patrick apart as a Sales Manager is his enthusiasm and integrity. When working with Patrick on an R&D team, he took on a project that was a long reach, and lead the team to success with his typical 150% forward attitude. Patrick encouraged me to transition into sales, and has been a mentor and someone I look up to throughout my career. 

Dr. Collin Moore

Director  Global Innovation 

Patrick Abbott is a skilled sales person and relationship manager. He does not simply take a customer out to lunch and take orders, but instead he constantly strives to build strong relationships through honestly, integrity and simple hospitality. This has enabled him to acquire information about markets in which I was interested in pursuing, while establishing potential lighthouse customers and development partners. Although Pat is perfectly capable of performing basic sales work, his enthusiasm in the face of a challenge and willingness to push forward into new area are factors that set him apart from the field of other sales personnel. I would recommend him for any market facing team I was running and/or sales position that was available.

Scott Shier

VP Distribution

Patrick and I have worked together for many years in the Manufacturer/Distributor relationship with Global companies such as  Johnson Polymers, BASF, Hutchins, and Huntsman P&A. 

Patrick’s has an  experienced understanding of the distribution channel to market, and can leverage the flexibility needed in distribution which has allowed  substantial growth for both partners. 

Patrick has always studied  the markets he has participated in, along with the products and services  to provide to the customers.  This has given him a clear understanding  of the customer’s needs, and then communicating clear strategies for  growth to his team.

Patrick’s enthusiasm, communication, availability, focused strategy, and integrity have made it an enjoyable  experience working with him. 

Roland Valin

Director Marketing and Sales

Writing a recommendation for a man like Patrick is difficult , It would take volumes to capture the essence of Patrick Abbott. I have never met a more enthusiastic and passionate than Patrick , the man knows no boundaries and no quit. He will spare no effort to help a fellow team member. If you are in a fox hole you want this guy at your side. 

GuidePoint Global Advisors

Serves 500+ leading Institutional Investors, top global consulting firms, and Fortune 500 companies

  • Connects 10,000+ business decision-makers and analysts to our roster of independent experts 
  • Arranges 2,000+ interactions with experts every week

GMES and Mr. Abbott is one of our most sought after resources. Our clients are on a waiting list and willing to pay the top requirement of the pricing scale, for advisory time in the chemical, marketing, benchmarking and sales spaces. 

The top feedback comments from our clients are on the value, integrity and accuracy of Mr. Abbott's interactions.

Randy Farrow

Division Director USHA Insurance

"We appreciate you being so kind as to cover us for $40K. "

"Patrick... very professional and constructive response …thank you for the insight."

"Thanks for sharing all the good news and keeping us up to date on the project…..looking forward to the future." 

Fitness Celebrity: The Health Engineer

Dedication, excellence, and honor are three things we all look for in  both business and personal relationships.  PJ exudes all three of these  traits in excess and it has been a pleasure to work with him on two  projects with more to come in the very near future along with becoming great friends in the short time we have known each other.    

Stacy Haynes

President / CEO 

Patrick was one of the best sales and business representatives I've worked with. He has great customer relationships, he manages expectations very well and most importantly, he delivered results. PJ was great to work with!!! 

Nathan Pace

Director of Finance

When PJ takes on a project, his passion shines more than anyone I've ever met. He wholeheartedly believes in everything he does and shares his passion with everyone. His drive, motivation, and success are built on a strong foundation as a family man. I've always admired PJ's ability to directly communicate what he wants and then to go make it happen. His talents, skills, and dedication combine to be rise above the rest.

Brandon Baird

Global nanotech leader

Patrick is the zenith of professionalism. He always displayed a positive attitude, a decisive and well executed team/ goal orientated approach, coupled with his focus and attention to detail made him unmatched among his peers. He holds himself to a higher standard than everyone else while simultaneously being a mentor.  I am honored to have worked under him, having gained great insights about executive level leadership  not witnessed since the military.   

Eva O'Keefe

VP of Strategic Accounts Azelis America

Patrick is extremely customer focused. His knowledge of the product line that he handles is exceptional. Pat was always very prompt when I had any questions and all our common customers had high regards of Pat. Most impressive was his ability to assemble the right people at the right time, in order to meet and overcome challenges. 

Aliene Elkins

New Business Development Group Leader Sabic International

PJ is a highly motivated, and high energy rep who can get any job done! Loaded with creativity and a "can win" attitude, PJ has the ability to lead others and create vision, while setting new sales records. I had the pleasure of working with PJ at Johnson Polymer for 4 years where he broke sales records every year. Customers love PJ; he has a special sense of caring that makes everyone feel important and part of the big vision. He develops relationships quickly and is a great team player. 

Dr. Igor Kosacki

Top nano tech scientist

Patrick is clearly dedicated to delivering high-quality solutions to tough problems and strongly dedicated to drive the commercialization of graphene in the US. His unique skills and high work ethic are driving force allowing him to be successful in understanding nanomaterials and their marketing. Patrick is a great example of manager who understands that we shouldn’t do business without science and we shouldn’t do science without a business. This approach is the key to be successful in new materials and major technologies development. Patrick is a top-notch manager and an asset to the graphene community. 

Lorena Martinez

President / CEO Autin Gourmet Foods

P.J. is incredibly motivated in many aspects. He is very knowledgeable, professional and easy to talk to. He is very open and helpful. He is always willing to help in any way. He is someone you can trust which is a lot in the business world today. When he sets his mind to something he really goes after it. He's incredibly talented as well.  It was a pleasure and an honor working with him and I hope I get the chance to again.

David Fuhr (Fuhr International)

CEO leading chemical formulation company

I have had the privilege of knowing Pat for over 20 years. He represented a supply company that we bought products from. It is always a pleasure to visit with Pat on his sales calls. He strives to always bring ideas to the table and unique ways to advance my business. Pat is a creative person that always finds out about the latest in technology's affecting my business and how to possibly work that into reality.  As a R&D Formulation chemist, his wit, sense of humor, fantastic attitude, and overall knowledge of the products he represents make him always welcome in my lab.

Rajendra Polu

Global coatings leader TD IFS International

I met Patrick in 2001 and been working with Patrick since then on various R&D projects. He is fantastic account manager, I found Patrick to be always well informed, conscientious and focused on his business goals. He was always fun to work with and a frequent source of general knowledge about US and international markets. He is determined professional and brought to the table a strong personal knowledge of coating’s field. He realizes the importance of the big picture and understands how to put a long term plan into practice. He is gifted in his diverse ability to understand all important elements of a successful business model. He has a varied back-ground which enables him to see problems from all angles, and make sure the customer is satisfied in the end. I highly recommend Patrick and definitely, he is one of the best Professional among several hundreds of account managers within the coatings field.


Sales Manager

Pat and I worked together for several years. He demonstrated his ability to foster relationships at difficult accounts and to continue to grow the business. I have always been amazed at his ability to multitask and to effectively manage his complex business and personal organization. 


President and CEO 

P.J, Abbott is a very amazing and remarkable man. He is true to his word and possess the passion and drive that inspires me. P.J. is a man of integrity and honor in a business that is two qualities that can make a person shine above all others. I am very honored to call him a friend and hope to work more with P.J. in the very near future.


Global communications professional National Graphene Association

One of the first things that jumped out at me is how quick Patrick is to smile, greet people by name, and make them feel valued. is energy is palpable, and within minutes, you know he has an unstoppable positive mindset. Patrick brings solutions and makes you want to hear how they can be accomplished. If I were to choose a Dream Team to work with, he is on it. Though it took a while for me to discover Patrick served in the Marine Corps, it only took a moment to recognize he does business with honor, courage and commitment.

Christy Slikas

Operations Wells Fargo

I've known PJ for nearly 15 years, and he is driven to succeed in whatever he does - personally or professionally. He is one of the best men that I know! :)

Kenneth Winston

CTO world leader in filter technology 

Every organization needs constituents who are as dedicated and loyal as Patrick Abbott. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Patrick and find him to be professional and sincere. His new role at 2D Global & Nano Technology should allow him to influence the culture and bring an ever higher interest level of sophistication and a passion for technology to both the company and client projects. Patrick is great to be around, bringing interesting global insights to every conversation.

Heroes Of The Storm Winners - WDSU.com

www.wdsu.com/article/6-heroes-of-the-storm-winners/3340842 Mar 14, 2006 - David Hebert, Jr. Paul Helmers Robichaux, Jr. Marv Stevens, P.J. Abbott, Dr. Ravi Vadlamudi  Dr. Edward Halton 

Broadwing Corporation Teams with Race Car Driver P.J. Abbott to ...

https://www.businesswire.com/.../Broadwing-Corporation-Teams-Race-Car-Driver-P.J.Sep 30, 2005 - Sept. 30, 2005--Broadwing Corporation today announced that it is teaming up with IndyCar Series driver P.J. Abbott to raise money for American Red Cross Hurricane Relief

INDY racer to serve as Little 500 marshal | Sports | newsbug.info

www.newsbug.info/...to.../article_89a738ca-0f39-51ab-a119-c420217370b3.html Patrick J. “P.J.Abbott, a former SJC student and current professional driver for the INDY Racing League.

https://youtu.be/Itog8YNt51o  PJ Abbott supports Law Enforcement by connecting donors with Rehab Garage, Harley Davidson and the InVestUSA cause.

Driver raises money for Law Enforcement:  https://soundcloud.com/mcmgps/pj-abbott-invest-usa

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